Monday, May 21, 2012

A rainy Monday

We had a nice little rainy Monday around here after I picked up Luca. We played in our bouncer.. 

Sometimes we get very serious about play. This is our Baby Einstein bouncer, and I love how I can literally see Luca processing all that is around him. It's so cute.

We're getting bigger, but still not touching the ground with both feet! We'll get there:)

Luca's started to teeth, and we rotate between a few teething rings. He's getting better at grasping the ring and bringing it to his mouth, but the majority of the time he ends up licking the thing.

Most nights Luca will help me make dinner, and by help I mean sit in his bouncer or high chair and chew on something. Tonight, it's his favorite toy for Luca and turkey with sundried tomato for mommy and daddy.
And after dinner is prepared, it's bed time! No pictures of that, but it was pretty routine tonight- bath, story, nurse, in crib drowsy but awake. He has been rolling around a bit before he settles, and sleep is rough lately after his long early stretch. I don't want to jinx what little sleep we've been getting, so I'll move on...

After Luca was down, I looked out to my gardens and thought it might be a good chance to take some pictures of the hard work hubs did this spring. We still have huge plans for our gardens and yard, but things are looking ok so far.

Hubs picked up a few of these solar powered spotlights for our gardens this year. They don't put off a ton of light, but it's enough and I think they're cute.

And now? It's dinner, and some couch time before bed.

I don't mind rainy Mondays so much when I wake up to this little face!

(18 weeks old)

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  1. He's so stinkin cute Kate!!!! ahhh, i cant wait to have my baby!!