Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mamarazzi strikes again!

This week while taking Luca's weekly photo, I caught a first on camera! Luca is 23 weeks....


Is that not the cutest thing? I'm SO excited I had my camera out, and my SIL swears that he hasn't done this before, so I really feel like I witnessed an important first- something I was concerned I would miss as a working mom. The icing on the cake? I was on the phone with Luca's Daddy! So he got to hear it happening, and I hope he felt like he was a part of it all.
Even Max enjoyed the show!
Working moms- how do you deal with the guilt of feeling like you're going to miss important milestones while you're away?


  1. Yay Luca!!! Can he roll both ways? Mason started rolling belly to back first before he was able to roll back to belly. It took him a while before doing the back to belly roll. :)

  2. He started with front to back, but never really did it intentionally or repetitively. I saw Mason's most recent pics, and it almost looks like he's ready to walk!