Monday, May 21, 2012

Five Months!

Get ready for photo overload.. I swear this isn't the intention I had for my blog, but I've turned into "that mom". You know, the one who always has a picture that you have to see. But seriously, you have to see these- my kid is the cutest.
Dear Luca,
I'm not sure I can even list the ways you've changed this month. You're so happy, your smile ignites a spark in my soul, and I miss you even when you're just sleeping in your room next door. You've discovered that you love the copy cat game- we stick out our tongue.. and so do you!
You've also discovered that you LOVE your feet! You're no longer in the swaddle, so we put you in a sleep sack at night. It's actually more like a baby sleeping bag- the DeeDee Sleep Nest, recommended by our friend Finn's Mom at oh!apostrophe. You love it, but you've started to try to grab your toes while you're sleeping and now Mommy has to make sure your toenails are really short, or you poke little holes into your sleep sack! You're very silly, little man.
Speaking of mommy.. I'm your number one fan! I love to kiss you and tell you you're the light of my life. You know the song "you are my sunshine"? Whoever wrote that song wasn't kidding, you're seriously my sunshine!

Five months!
You're growing SO FAST. I'm not sure what you weigh because we still have another month until your doctor's appointment, and Mommy has made a promise not to get obsessed with your weight. I actually weighed you for a while, but it fluctuated so much that I drove myself crazy and it wasn't worth it. So now my thoughts are that if you're growing and happy, I'm happy.

This month you started rolling over, and I caught your first time on camera! It was really special, and since then you've been practicing a lot!

I've been learning how to use my new camera, and I'm getting better at capturing your little spark on film. The weekends are your special time with Daddy, and you two are hysterical together- it's like you were meant for each other. You look more like him every day, and that makes me so happy.

It's getting warm out, so we spend a lot of our time outside because you love the fresh air. Sometimes we go for walks, and sometimes we just hang out on the grass. You love watching your doggy Max do tricks and roll in the grass.

We're getting ready for you to start eating solids, as you've really started to show an interest in our food when we eat around you. We're planning on embracing the baby led weaning concept, and it should be fun watching you explore different foods. But I have to be honest- Mommy is nervous and so intimidated by introducing solids!  Can't we just nurse forever?! kidding sort of :)

We love you little man, and can't believe you're almost half a year old! Let the warm weather come, because we're ready for our first summer with you!

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