Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy first birthday, Gianna!

My beautiful, beautiful girl

I've been meaning to write this post for...well.. exactly a year. Today my little girl turns one. ONE! My heart is filled with joy that we have been blessed with such an amazing addition to our family, but I'm amazed at how much I had forgotten about the day my Gianna entered our lives. As you might know, I was on bed rest for almost six months prior to delivering Gianna, and the last week before she arrived I was on hospital bed rest. I had a history of HELLP syndrome with Luca, and because I was starting to show the signs of it again the doctors figured it was in my best interest to be in the hospital. The day I came to labor and delivery my blood pressure was sky high and I had a terrible headache. So, we waited. I sat in a dark room because I was so sensitive to light, and after a few days of this my levels still hadn't changed. So the afternoon of February 6th 2013 I was told I would be induced.

I'm still not certain exactly how things went down because I had such a horrible headache. But I do remember refusing pain medication because I already felt so out of it and I just wanted to be aware when I saw my little girl for the first time. My mother in law was in the room and she and my husband switched off staying awake with my through my contractions throughout the night. I was trying to meditate and focus on my goal- delivery. Nothing else mattered, and I kept my eyes closed almost my entire labor. It was actually sort of peaceful. Around 4am my contractions were pretty intense, and I requested the nurse. I wasn't sure I could do it anymore without pain control, and she assured me that I was entering transition and that this was probably the worst of it. She checked and it seemed I was still a little way away from pushing, so she went back to the computer to monitor my situation. I switched positions, and within minutes knew I just had to push. In a panic, I screamed "she's coming now, I can't stop", and the nurse came rushing over. Sure enough, little G was right there and I began to push without our doctor.

It felt like an eternity, but it was really only a few minutes before the doctor was there and the entire team was ready for miss Gianna to rock our world. I can't recall exactly how many pushes it took, but I know it wasn't many. G was ready, I was ready, hubs was ready, and here she was... my perfect girl.

6 lbs, 1 oz

My mother-in-law with Gianna

Tiny feet

Big brother Luca meets his sister for the first time

Miss G- baby sister to Luca, precious daughter to mama and daddy, and light of our lives. Happy first birthday Gianna!