Monday, May 14, 2012

These days, we're loving...

..our stroller (and sitting like a big boy)!

We researched and researched and ultimately, our all terrain stroller was between the Bumbleride Indie and the Bob Revolution. We chose the Bumbleride because when we tried both of them, I just felt like the Indie handled better and fit our needs more. Either one would have been fine, but we really really love our choice :)

Last weekend we had a little family get together, and Luca was loving his transition from the car seat in the stroller to sitting up like a big boy. We still sometimes take him in the car seat if he's already sleeping in it or we're going somewhere we might need to take him out of the stroller, but generally our walks these days look like this...

We also love the Bumbleride because it can fully recline, so if Luca needs a nap and we're hanging out outside, we can easily just put him down. Luca's not a great napper anyway, so I'll try anything for a few extra minutes of sleep- night or day!

He's also discovered that he loves to put his feet up on the bar. On our walks I'll look down and see feet and I know he's having a good time.

We take walks every day, and I'm loving our stroller and watching Luca actually enjoy our walks!

Oh, and we're also loving our new pants:) I'm pretty sure seersucker is the new black.


  1. He looks so much like his dad in that last pic!

  2. That's funny Emily- we always talk about who he looks like, and I can never tell! He looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby every day!