Monday, January 14, 2013

13 months!

Dear Luca,
You are SUCH a big boy right now. Every day you look less and less like a baby, and I love the little man you're becoming. This past month has been pretty busy with Christmas and family gatherings, and you've loved every minute of the social interaction. You're such a busy boy and constantly on the go. Unfortunately for mama this means I can't take care of you for the majority of the day because I'm taking care of your baby sister. But you're having the most fabulous time with your Rara (grandma), and you also still see your cousins a lot.

Your favorite toys are any kind of ball, truck/car, any sort of remote or phone, and your new bike. You love to play catch with us, and you're throwing really well with both arms- I still think you're probably going to be right-handed, but we'll see! You make the cutest noises when you're playing with your trucks, and you occasionally get into your own little world while driving your cars around the wood floor.
You really understand a lot of what we say- mama will tell you to throw the ball, press the button, put the cap/top on the box, give a kiss/high five, ring the bell, turn the lights on/off, open or close a drawer, and that's just the beginning! When we say "where's your head/feet/toes" you're able to show us- it's adorable. We're working on nose and belly, but you always point to mama's belly when I ask you where yours is!
You're still pointing at everything asking "that?". We'll tell you what it is, and you sometimes try to say the word. When asked, you can identify and point to a ton of things- to name a few: window, chair, table, light, lamp, cup/milk, door, fan, hat, head, toes, foot, socks, pillow, toy box, box top, ball, bike, helmet, truck, dinosaur and of course mama and dada. You love to point to mama's growing belly and give your sister kisses.
Your vocabulary is growing slowly, but a few weeks ago you discovered the word "whoa" and you said it enthusiastically non-stop for a week or so. Here's a cute little video of New Year's Eve.
 You also say: mama, dada, ball, more, light, blow, pess (early please?), bum bum. We spend a lot of time with the alphabooks, and you really like watching mama sound out the different letters. You sometimes try to imitate, but sometimes just watch my mouth closely.
You're not quite walking yet, but you seem to really want to. You can coast from furniture to furniture without any assistance, but you don't really want to walk by yourself without at least touching a hand or holding onto a pant leg. You do want to climb on everything, though, making it more difficult for mama to take your monthly photos!
 You're very goofy sometimes and you do the silliest things- you love blowing your nose in socks or any kind of tissue/paper towel. You scrunch your lips up to your nose when you blow and it's so darn cute.
Mommy and Daddy are so happy when you're around, and you light up our days! We love you, Luca- happy 13 months:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

32 weeks and our Christmas!

Well here we are- into 2013, and I'm into my 30s! Baby is  baby is a little over 16 inches long and weighs between 4 and 4 ½ pounds, although she was weighing about that at my last ultrasound. My doctor tells me that second babies generally are 1/2 to 1 pound heavier than first babies, so that would make sense that she's a little bigger. Her skeleton is fully formed, but her bones are still very soft. Her lungs are also continuing to mature, but I'm glad I had the steroid injections just in case she decides to make an earlier appearance!
I've been feeling ok lately, but just ok. I'm still resting for the majority of the day while my wonderful mother-in-law watches and plays with Luca. It's been unbelievable to have this support system because honestly over Christmas when I was on my feet a bit more I actually felt my body changing, swelling, and heading toward the dreaded pre-eclampsia. I have a check-up tomorrow, so hopefully things are still alright with that because I felt like doodoo when I developed HELLP with Luca.
Christmas was wonderful, and I agree when people say the holidays are so much more fun when viewing them through a child's eyes.
Christmas morning we had breakfast and Luca quickly discovered his Santa gifts and his stocking.
We got him the Fisher Price elephant popper, and although it's kind of loud and the balls go everywhere, Luca loves it.
Luca also got a new train set from his Aunt and Uncle- how cute is this?!
After cleaning out his stocking, it was time to chase Max and get his stocking too! This picture pretty much sums up life around our house. Max gets comfortable with a toy or in his bed, and Luca chases him. I guess it's keeping Max young and on his toes!
 And what would Christmas be without a little snow! We really hadn't had much snow this year, and I was SO excited when we woke up to a few fluffy inches! We got Luca a new snowsuit for Christmas and we discovered he LOVES being outside in the white stuff. He literally cried hysterically when we had to go inside to get ready for the day.

Every year we go to my in-laws to have Christmas dinner, and this year was a little different than last! Last year Luca was only three weeks old!
 What a little cutie... won't be long before I have another little one (yikes- two under two!).
My how a year changes it all- Luca is almost walking and all he wants to do is play and learn!
My MIL has a beautiful party room that she uses for family dinners and holidays. The menu was delicious this year and I had every intention of taking pictures of the spread, but a certain toddler kept me *very busy!
It was an early year for us though- after opening gifts and singing around the piano, we headed home so Luca could get some sleep. It's so different celebrating holidays when you have children- much of the schedule is based around their sleep/eating needs- it's not like it used to be, that's for sure!
This time next year we'll have two... I still can't believe it.
Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!