Monday, May 7, 2012

The best mornings start like this..

Being a parent means both difficult and rewarding days, and when you're a working mom it's those rewarding times that make it that much easier to get up and leave my little man. After work, I pick up Luca from my SIL's house and we head home for a little hang-out time and then get ready for our bedtime routine: bath, book, bed.
Hubs doesn't usually see Luca before he's asleep for the night, so he likes to wake him up in the morning. He goes into the nursery and turns off the monitor every morning, and whenever the camera is turned off it freezes on that image. These are the images from the last few days....

Even after a night of screaming, teething, crying, and whining it's this smile at daddy that makes me love both of them more every day- even if Luca had a blowout diaper all over me this morning :) (I did actually take a picture of that too, but I'll spare you the visual!)

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  1. He's so sweet, Kate! I love those big just-for-Daddy smiles.