Sunday, October 21, 2012

The view from here...

...has changed a little. I mentioned in my last post that I had an appointment on Friday, and I've been put on bed rest.
I have a history of cervical shortening/incompetence during my pregnancy with Luca, but so far things had been ok with this pregnancy. I had a routine ultrasound and baby looked perfect- I even got some really cute profile pictures and I was feeling great about the whole thing until my Dr. came into the exam room.
She told me that I would be headed over to the hospital and I should plan on staying there for at least the weekend. This was a huge surprise to me. Apparently my cervix shortened a cm since my ultrasound last week, and she wanted me to see a perinatologist and get a second ultrasound with another machine. But the thought of having to spend the entire weekend away from my family made me physically ill, and I asked if there was any way I could do it from home. So my Dr. called over to the hospital and spoke with one of the perinatologists who agreed that I would be ok at home if I stayed off my feet. So here I am, on the couch.
Honestly, I feel deep down that everything is going to be just fine, but obviously my number one concern is the health of my sweet girl. I'm only 21 weeks along, so it's still very early and it was really hard to hear the Drs speaking about my baby as a non-viable until 24 weeks. I was told that if things don't improve or worsen by 24 weeks, I would most likely be admitted into the hospital until 32ish weeks- that terrifies me because I'm not sure how much I would see Luca.
So we take it day by day. If my cervix lengthens by this week's appointment, maybe I'll be able go back to work for a while. I'm willing to do whatever it takes so this baby makes it full term- I made it to 36 weeks with Luca so I'm confident it's possible!

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  1. Thinking good thoughts Mama!! I hope that you're resting up!!! Big hugs. Take care of that little belly!