Monday, October 8, 2012

A sister for Luca!

Happy Monday!
Things have been a little hectic around here lately, but I wanted to share that we found out we're having a girl! I've mentioned before that this pregnancy felt different, but I can honestly say that I really knew it was a girl from the beginning. Here's our little lady a couple of weeks ago..

Little feet.. so cute
And the money shot, legs and no wee wee!

We had ultrasounds with Luca almost every other week because of my cervical shortening, but it's been a lot better this pregnancy so we've been able to go 3-4 weeks between scans. It's nice because I know it means I'm less at risk for pre-term labor, but I did enjoy getting to see Luca so often during the ultrasounds.

So here's the thing about finding out the sex- I was SO nervous to hear boy or girl because I knew deep down I really wanted a girl. I'm adopted, and I've always wondered what my birth mom looks like. It's strange but I don't really wonder if my biological father and I looked alike- I've just always thought about what it would be like to have another woman who shares the same smile, eyes, or mannerisms. Luca does share some of my features, but he's very much a boy and looks a LOT like his daddy. So finding out we're having a girl has been really special to me- I'm sure she'll look a lot like her daddy too, but it's doing to be so much fun having a boy and a girl.

But... when we found out she was a girl I had a moment of sadness for Luca. My husband is one of three and he has two sisters. He loves them very much, but I know he's always wanted the bond of a brother. Luca is so outnumbered by girls in our family (he's the only boy of six- soon to be seven- grandchildren), and it would've been so special for him to have a brother. So I celebrated for myself, but felt a little selfish in doing so. Silly? Maybe, but it's how I felt. He's going to be an excellent big brother to his little sister- I know it. Maybe she'll even throw the ball around with him too- we'll see:)

So things are moving along here- I promised myself I would be better this pregnancy at documenting weekly photos, but I've been worse! I'm just so.darn.tired. I work, pick up Luca, feed him dinner, bathe him and put him to bed, make dinner for myself and hubs, and then it's my bedtime! What on earth will I do when the new baby comes?! I'm sure I'll sleep again someday.

Overall though I've been feeling a lot better. The first trimester was nausea, nausea and more nausea. Now it's just exhaustion with a sprinkle of nausea here and there. Luca's sleep has changed dramatically- I think it's a combination of him wanting to stand and move around all the time, and separation anxiety. He's been waking several times a night, and it's very difficult to calm him down when you leave and he's immediately standing in his crib again. So we have some work to do in the sleep department before baby #2 arrives.

Here's the most recent belly photo- this was taken a few weeks ago at 16 weeks, so I need to get with it and take another soon!

Any suggestions for dealing with separation anxiety at night (not even sure anyone reads this blog)?


  1. Hi! My daughter is 8.5 months, and totally going through separation anxiety right now. Nighttime is the worst! She has been putting herself happily to sleep for months, and now every night is a screamfest. Not fun for anyone. I really don't know what to do. I don't want to start bad habits with rocking her to sleep each night, but she is just so sad! To make things even worse (for me) she has just started to say mama and now screams "mama" from her bed. Heartbreaking! For now, I'm trying to soothe her for a few minutes when she is super upset, but also not go in EVERY time she wakes up so she doesn't expect it. Anything else that worked for you?

  2. Oh no! Sounds like separation anxiety to me, too. Actually, things have improved a little bit (furiously knocking on wood), but when they were the worst Luca was up several times a night screaming and standing in his crib. Honestly, the only thing that calmed him down was to be held, so that's what I did. I was worried about creating a bad habit, but he did that for about a week and then started sleeping better. Hope things improve for you, too! 8.5 months old and already calling you "mama"? That's great!

  3. well, I'm not so sure she means "mama" :), but its her favorite babble right now, so, maybe? Still working on the sleeping, but I'm pretty sure it's separation anxiety now that she has been sad at daycare dropoffs this week as well. Glad to hear it passed for you! So sorry to hear about your bedrest, and am hoping for the best for your recovery.