Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Corn mazes are crazy places!

It's no secret I love fall. Not quite as much as I love the holiday season, but pretty close. A few weeks ago hubs, Luca and I joined some friends at the Davis Corn Maze and it was so much fun!

I think I was 15 weeks pregnant? Not sure, but definitely too pregnant for Luca to fit comfortably in the front carrier!

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this carrier, but we love our Beco Gemini. We have the Bjorn and Moby wrap also, which were great when Luca was a lot smaller, but these days he's just too heavy for them and our backs were feeling it. The Gemini has two straps that cross your back, and the waist band is much more supportive than the Bjorn. My MIL actually got this for me/Luca for Christmas and it's definitely been one of our must-haves.

Anyway, the corn maze was so much fun, and when Luca gets older we are definitely going to have such a great time with all of the games. You walk in and there are so many activities for the kids- life size checkers and chess games, mega hangman, and of course the set-up to the theme of this year's maze- Clue. We chose not to really play the game and just to go thru the maze, but there were characters throughout that you could find and question to guess whodunnit.

Our friends had twins a few months ago, and it was so much fun to get out with them and spend some time with their adorable babies- one girl and one boy!

The boys. Love them.

If you've ever done a corn maze, you know how frustrating they can be! You'll be walking for a half hour and end up where you started. This corn maze had a few bridges that allowed you to try to figure out where you were, and in the middle was the end of the maze (we didn't know this until we finished!).
Trying to figure out where we are- not as easy as it looks!
My friend, her hubby, their twins, and my boys.

Finally made it to the end!

It took us about 3 hours to finish the corn maze- SO glad to be done!

I took a picture of this house near the corn maze because it looks haunted, no?!
Hubs and I were active before having Luca, but it's different now. Activities we may not have done before are now so much fun because we look at them through his eyes. It's all just so new and exciting, and I love watching him explore and learn. I've had some people tell me that every stage of a baby's development will be "the best" to you- in the beginning, there's nothing like a newborn sleeping on your chest, a few months later there's nothing like the first few gummy grins, and now it's just so much fun watching Luca explore. So I guess I agree- every stage is "the best" when you're in it! Makes me excited for the future:)

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