Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Santa (from Luca's mom)

Being pregnant during Christmas-time means a few things: an excuse to eat yummy cookies and treats, a reason to wear stretchy pants 24/7, and a tough time creating a Christmas list for yourself. I can't even think about wearing anything smaller than a size XL right now, my feet have grown so shoes are out, and you can only put so many pair of slippers on your list!
So I started thinking about what I would really like to get- even if it's just to create a list of future things I would like to gather for our home. We do entertain, not often, but when we do it's really nice to have a few things that make it easier to mingle with guests instead of constantly refilling the water jugs or serving plates. 

Pottery Barn glass drink dispenser and stand- I actually purchased this for my mother-in-law last year as a hostess gift for throwing me a shower while pregnant with Luca. It's simple, clean and looks great with the white ceramic stand. It's really an item you will use forever.

Pottery Barn 3-tier serving stand- I feel like everyone needs a 3-tier serving stand, and I love the look of this one. I haven't seen it in person, but eventually I would love to add it to our collection of serving dishes.

Snoozies Slippers- So this isn't just because I'm pregnant, on bed rest, and wearing slippers every day, but these are the BEST slippers. I have a pair, and they are seriously worn out and in need of replacement. They're so comfy and even have a non-stick sole so I can go outside if I need to. Love these.

Crate and Barrel Staccato Sugar and Creamer - This is the pattern of dishes we use from our wedding registry, and I didn't really think we would need a sugar and creamer, but again when you're entertaining it's nice to have something that matches.

Mini Tripod for my Canon DSLR- Last Christmas my big gift was a Canon Rebel (which I absolutely LOVE), and I would like to be able to take group shots and this mini tripod gets pretty good ratings at a great price.

I would love any books to read with my kid(s), a few things for the new baby girl, capri pajama pants, and a larger steaming pot (ours is little).

And finally, I think something I would really love this year is any amount/gift certificate toward a family photo shoot with Amanda of Doubly Happy Photography. I was a blogger for the website weddingbee (Mrs. Champagne), and so was Amanda- Mrs. Hot Cocoa! She took our maternity photos just a few days before Luca was born and we love her- you can see them here!

So there are a few things on my list! I'm not really expecting to get any of them, but it's nice to create a list of things you need or want eventually for the house. Any other good suggestions to add to my "house wish list"?

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