Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Santa (from Luca)

This is actually Luca's second Christmas, but things are a little different this year. Last year he really didn't need toys or clothes, but this year he's exploring all that is around him. So here's what will be under the tree this year (or gifts he's already been given for his birthday)- not all from us!

Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle: I really wanted a tricycle that could grow with Luca, and surprisingly there are a lot of options! I loved this version because it had so many settings that could be changed. You can either steer and push the bike with the safety arms attached, or the front wheel pedals can be unlocked allowing the pedals to spin freely without force and "go" without the need to pedal. Then obviously when the child is ready it becomes a fully functional tricycle. One thing I really liked about this bike compared with the others is that the wheels are injection-molded with urethane treads instead of plastic, so it'll work well on our not-always-so-smooth sidewalks.

Little Nutty Helmet- rocket ships! This helmet has excellent safety ratings, and obviously has fun color/pattern choices! Part of the reason we love this helmet is that it has a spin-dial fit system that adjusts from 18" to 20.5" and it'll probably fit Luca for many years.

Lego Duplo Large Brick Box- Luca is more interested right now in the car and the box that this comes in than the actual blocks, but I know these will eventually be a favorite. We actually got the emergency vehicle set, and hubs already built the building on the front of the box- only to have Luca knock it down immediately:)

Melissa and Doug Puzzles- Wooden shape puzzles are fun, and again I'm sure Luca will appreciate them soon, but for now he just likes to take out the shapes and use them while he crawls to go faster.
They also occasionally end up in his mouth while he crawls- he's a funny dude.

Noah's Ark Shape Sorter- Luca actually received this as a birthday gift and we love it! Similar to the puzzles this is great for development and organization.

Baby Einstein Alphabooks- This is actually a collection of 26 mini books. Each letter book has three pictures beginning with that letter - a cartoon, artwork, and a photograph along with the word that corresponds. I purchased this for Luca not quite sure if I would want mini books everywhere, but then I saw my friend E @ Oh!Apostrophe recommend it and say that they all fit well in the box, so I figure we'll give them a try. The reviews are great and many parents claim this book is why their children know their alphabet and sounds so early. I find it odd that the manufacturer recommends this for ages 10+... I'm not sure what 10 year old needs alphabet review, but who knows.

Toddler Towels- we've officially grown out of the infant hoodies, and although I know we could just use regular towels, I really like hooded towels for kids. Plus, I found the pottery barn towels on sale and couldn't resist!

Books! Luca's attention span can usually handle a longer book these days, so we are addition to the library. Here are a few titles that we either received as gifts and loved, will be getting, or would like:
Good Night Good Night, Construction Site by Sherri Rinker- a birthday gift we love!
The Wheels on the Bus by Paul O. Zelinsky
We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea
How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You by Jane Yolen
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, Dr. Seuss
and of course The Night Before Christmas

So there are just a few things Luca either got for his birthday or gifts he will be getting for Christmas.
We also plan on getting him push toys and a toy vacuum/broom some time soon- Christmas and birthday all in one month mean toy overload! He loves playing with the broom, but it's just too big!

I wish shopping for everyone else were as much fun as shopping for an energetic 1 year old!

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