Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Luca's weekend with Granshan!

I'm originally from Colorado, so I don't see my family nearly as much as I would like. But this weekend my mom came to visit, and boy did Luca have fun!

He played on the floor wtih granshan...
 and laughed....

 and crawled...
and had so much fun!
 Luca's got his granshan wrapped around his little finger. I think he happens to adore her too! 

Even Daddy got in on some of the action this weekend. Can you spot Luca's lonely little tooth?

Sleep has been really rough since Luca has discovered he can move around in his crib. He's waking up in the crouch position, sitting up, and I think he's going through a bit of separation anxiety at night. He had a similar sleep regression when he learned how to roll over in his crib, but any suggestions on how to get through this time are welcome:)

I'm finally organizing Luca's pictures to post about his nursery, so hopefully that'll be up next!

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