Monday, September 3, 2012

Luca's big announcement

 Luca has something he wants to share....

 He's going to be a big brother!

You may have noticed I haven't been regularly posting, and that's because I've been either hibernating on the couch or taking care of a baby while feeling lousy. This pregnancy is SO different than my pregnancy with Luca. I almost immediately knew I was pregnant for a few reasons- my milk supply and my energy level tanked.. like completely cut in half and then some. I've also been super sick- something I didn't really experience at all with Luca. But now that we're in the second trimester, I'm *hoping I start to feel better soon!

There's another thing that's different from my pregnancy with Luca- I started to show a lot earlier!

7.5ish weeks
10 weeks

13 weeks- we actually took this same picture last year the same weekend in Maine, and last year I was 23 weeks. What a difference a year makes!

23 weeks pregnant with Luca 1 year ago. Hubs thinks I'm carrying a little higher this time, so maybe that's a sign it's a girl?!
So we're excited, and honestly I'm a little anxious about the thought about having two kids under two. Luca will be about 15 months old when baby number 2 arrives, so things will be a little hectic. But I know that I have a wonderful support system here with hub's family living so close, so that's my encouragement for now!
We announced the pregnancy to hub's family early on, as they're around us a lot and it would've quickly become a question. I tried to find a "big brother" shirt for Luca to wear to a family dinner, but every store I asked only had sizes starting at 2T- that wasn't going to work for 5 and a half month old little Luca. So we went to walmart and got a white onesie and some black DIY letters and made a shirt.
Looks pretty excited to be a big brother!
A long day of announcing his big secret...
So we're excited for this huge change in our lives, and we're open to any suggestions on life with two young kids!