Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 36 in dinners

Luca is 36 weeks old and this week his appetite for solid food has exploded! He's eating more and more now, and he's showing me how adventurous he is with new tastes and textures. It's so much fun.

I thought I might share our dinners for this past week. I normally cook dinner for hubs and myself, and save some for Luca for the next day, so that's what most of these meals are. There are repeats of some of his favorites, too.

Dinner 1: Lemon chicken with broccoli, whole wheat egg noodles, and green peppers

 It's a good thing we wear a bib! Most of Luca's dinner usually ends up here! We also had watermelon for dessert...mmm!

Dinner 2: Turkey tenderloin with lemon pepper, spinach noodles and sweet potato fingers

 Luca loves noodles and is still figuring out how to swallow them. Sometimes he'll pull them in and out of his mouth and giggle- must feel funny in his throat!

Dinner 3: More turkey tenderloin with grilled zucchini and tomato
 Most meat I don't feel like I have to cut up, but the turkey tenderloins aren't moist enough for Luca to gum, so I do tear them into smaller pieces.

 We've been adding some sort of puree during or after most meals, and this night we tried yogurt. Luca still isn't quite sure, but toward the end he was warming up to the taste.

Dinner 4: Baked salmon with mustard, rice pilaf, and broccoli

 Luca's favorite veggie is broccoli. He loves to suck out the water!

Dinner 5: Spaghetti with ground turkey sauce and steamed zucchini

 This was FUN but MESSY!
 Love this kid.

Dinner 6: Turkey burger with pepper, avocado, and plum

 We have a local farmer's stand near our house, and they have the best organic fruits and veggies- Luca loves plums! This night he ate almost EVERYTHING, and if I'm remembering correctly this was the first (and only, so far) night he slept all night. Yay Luca!

Dinner 7: turkey burger with parsley and garlic pepper, mixed veggies, and another plum!

 We're not always sure what things are going to taste like, so usually Luca makes a face like this the first bite. Then he usually realizes he likes it:)

Because Luca has been eating a lot more solid food, we've found it necessary to give him some prunes and offer water often during dinner. It helps with his digestion.

So there you have it- dinner in a week!

What are your kiddos eating for dinner? Any favorites or suggestions?

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