Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Luca's baptism!

We've been out of town for a bit, and life has of course been crazy so it's been a while since I posted! We took our first trip with Luca to Colorado over the week of the fourth of July, and even though nobody got any sleep, we had a great time. I'll be reviewing some of our essential travel items, but I wanted to share his baptism photos.

We had plans to have Luca baptized in my hometown at my church, and my brother and sister-in-law had their baby a few weeks ago so we were able to have them baptized together! It was such a special time, and I'm so glad to see my Godson be baptized.

We arrived to Colorado pretty late at night (we had an overnight flight), and the next morning we drove to the mountains. When we got to my moms, it was already time for bed so we went about our normal routine doing bath time before bed. My mom has a shower, so we gave Luca a "cowboy bath" in the sink, and he loved it. Seriously this kid couldn't be cuter.

That night my brother and his family joined us for home made spaghetti and meatballs- there's still nothing like mom's spaghetti when you're home.

We woke up to a gorgeous sunny, dry (which is amazing if you're coming from a humid climate) day. My mom's place is on the creek, and we woke up to sounds of the water rushing by. I miss home so much just thinking about it. It was the perfect start to Luca's baptism day.

We belong to a very laid back Colorado Lutheran church, where it's ok to wear jeans to service and everyone knows your name. We had hub's family baptism gown, but it seemed a bit formal (and tight- Luca is being baptized a little older than his daddy was!) and my family gown but again it was formal and faded. I started looking around for a proper christening outfit for a baby boy, and I found white tuxedos and silk gowns- not really the feel I had in mind for Luca's special day. I found the perfect little outfit at Baby Gap- white linen pants and a button up shirt. Simply adorable.

The drive to the church- we're tired but seriously fighting a nap!
Ready to go...
But someone fell asleep!
Cousins- Luca 30 weeks and his cousin only 2 weeks old!
We woke up just as he was being handed to Pastor Jason.

My god-daughter and new god-son! Love them both so much.

Our family..
After the baptism, my mom and a friend arranged a little party where friends could meet the two babies- it was SO nice to see some familiar faces and it reminded me of how little things can change when you're from a small town.

With my mom and Luca
My little man- although this trip was hard on him, he was such a trooper!

So Luca is now a baptized boy! Back to reality for me- vacations are fun, but sleep is better ;)

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