Sunday, July 8, 2012

Busy bee

edit: not sure why this never posted, but this was from a few weeks ago!

It's been so long since I've posted! Life gets so crazy sometimes between work and Luca. Lately we've been heating up around here and summer seems to be in full swing. Next week Luca will be baptized with his new cousin! We're really looking forward to that.
I do have a post coming up about Luca starting solids with the BLW method, but in the meantime I'll share some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks.

Playing with daddy. It's so much fun playing with Luca now that he can be tossed around a little! He loves to have kisses on his belly and he loves to play flying baby.  

We're not always smiles though- sometimes we get very serious about Mommy's kisses.
We've been spending a lot more time outside when the weather isn't too hot. We just got a baby pool, and I can't wait for Luca to play in it- he loves the water!

Every week I take Luca's picture so I can watch him grow. It's so fun to see all of them in series.
Week 24
 They love each other so much! Luca has started to pet Max, and Max loves to be close to Luca. It's so cute.
 Week 25:

And week 26: the first week of solids! Luca was so into solids in the beginning, and it was so cute to see him get excited to explore food. These days it's hot and cold- some days he wants to eat, and other days he wants nothing to do with solids.

Luca has been doing a lot of work on his abs lately- every time I turn around he's like this:
 And on Luca's six month birthday, Daddy brought home some sunflowers for me because I always call Luca my sunshine.
 Another view of the sit-ups. Luca is very serious about his workouts.
 Pretty good form, too if you ask me.

Oh man that's a photo overload- it's just been so long! So excited for the summer to finally be here!

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  1. Ahhh SO cute! I love the 26 week pic with food hehe :) And it looks like he's doing some advanced yoga moves there. Glad you're blogging!