Thursday, March 29, 2012

16 weeks!

Because I started this blog a little late, I think it'll be a mix of past stories/catch-up posts and current posts. So this week it's a current one, because Luca is 16 weeks old! I can't believe it- what happened to my little peanut?

My apologies for the grainy photos- I actually had to take a screen shot from my iphone of these because our computer crashed so all I have is my phone right now for pictures. Working on getting a new computer so hopefully I can upload pictures from my "real camera". Anyhoo, I've been back at work now for almost a month, and every day I miss Luca more and more. This morning he was so smiley and it broke my heart to hand him off to my SIL when she picked him up for the day. My hubby's sisters and super supportive parents live near us, and my SIL watches Luca while I'm at work. We call it cousin daycare- he gets to spend the day with his two cousins and I get to know that he's with someone who loves him so much. My SIL has two kids of her own and she's agreed to watch luca. She is an amazing mother so I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else watching him while I'm at work. It has been so emotional for me going to work full time, and I daily fight feelings of guilt. I've heard it gets better.

Luca's personality is really starting to show- when he smiles, it's all smiles. But he's a thinker most of the time, just like his daddy.

Every time he's smiling, I grab the camera and he just stares at it- it's been impossible to catch a a picture of his gummy little smile!

He's has also started to break out of the swaddle. I looked at the monitor two nights ago and saw his little hand. Every time he wiggled his fingers it reminded me of Mr. Burns and creeped me out a little. He really does love to be swaddled, though, so I usually just try to fix it and he'll either go to bed or wake up completely.

Sleep has been weird this week- we were doing alright until he hit the 16 week mark, and just like that he was back to every 2 hours. Rough nights for me, that's for sure. I've been told this is the 4 month sleep regression and it will get better. I'll believe it when it happens:)

We tried the bumbo chair for the first time this week- he loved it for about a minute. We'll try this again next week:)

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