Monday, April 9, 2012

Our busiest week yet

I'm sure I won't continue to do weekly updates (our life is not really that exciting after all), but Luca's 17th week was our busiest and probably most stressful week yet. We started off great, but quickly went downhill from there.

Luca has started sitting in his bumbo chair, and he loves it for a few minutes and then melts. I have mixed feelings about the bumbo. Although I appreciate it helping him sit unassisted by me, I can't help but think that it's really just holding him in a slumped position leaving him with little work to do to hold up his head. I'm sure it'll really come in handy later when he can sit in it for a longer period of time, but for now it's just for show:)

Monday Luca started with what seemed like a cold. He was congested, but it didn't really sound that bad. He went to my SIL house as usual, but his cough seemed to get a little worse throughout the day. By Tuesday morning, I had a feeling it wasn't just a cough so I took him to his pediatricians office. The Dr. listened to his lungs and was a little suspicious of pneumonia, so she did a chest x-ray that confirmed Luca had pneumonia. I'll be honest, I was surprised and full of guilt. How does this happen to a four month old- specifically, how did this happen to my four month old? I've been responsible washing his pacifiers, toys, and he's exclusively breast fed. I felt guilty that I wasn't going to be there to comfort him during the day while I was at work. Mommy guilt is the.worst.
So we picked up his prescription and tried to continue life as normal. Luca even discovered a new love for Sophie the giraffe. Until this week he just stared at me blankly while I giggled at Sophie squeaking, but Tuesday night they made out for the first time. So cute.

By Thursday it seemed like Luca was feeling a little better, but the Dr. asked us to come in immediately if we noticed his respiratory rate (breaths per minute) was above 40. My SIL checked it and it was mid/high 40s, so she headed over to my MILs house so she could assess the situation. Apparently his breathing was very shallow and he had vomited a few times, so they felt it was best for me to meet them at the emergency room. It's a call I hope to never get again at work. I high-tailed it so fast out of my office- speed takes on a whole new meaning when you have a sick baby. I'm so lucky we have hub's family near us- I'm not sure what I would've done throughout my entire pregnancy and Luca's first few months if I hadn't had the support of my in-laws.

Turns out Luca was having a reaction to the Amoxicillin he was taking. A little medicine to calm down his stomach and he was a new baby- smiling a cooing at the Drs so much it almost embarrassed we brought him there in the first place. Better safe though when he's so little.

Saturday we woke up and decided to watch a little of the Masters golf tournament. My dad sent Luca this little outfit, and what a perfect day to show it off! This smile makes my day.

Easter morning Luca tried his new jumperoo. He loves it, and so do we- hubs did a lot of research on an activity center vs jumperoo vs walker, and he decided on the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumperoo. It's very stimulating, and so far a great buy. My apologies for the grainy picture again, it's an iphoto of a screen shot from my "real camera". Hubs ordered my new laptop last night and I can't WAIT to upload all of my photos and use them to blog- it's been annoying with just my iphone.

Normally on Easter we have a big family celebration, but this Easter one of hub's family members is sick and we decided it just wouldn't be the same without him there. So we all decided to do our own thing. We ended up just hanging out, opening presents from the Easter bunny, and eating an entire bag of mini eggs. Oh wait, that last one was just me:) That night, though, Luca's cough got worse so again we went to urgent care because hubs was a little nervous. In the waiting room Luca discovered the ceiling. He flailed himself back to look at the fish painted on the ceiling, and now he won't stop looking up- even at home. It's pretty cute.
Luca's improving, but they think he has a viral infection which can take a while to heal. I'm so thankful things weren't more serious, and I really hope we never have to make 4 trips to the dr/ER/urgent care in one week again!

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