Friday, March 9, 2012

Well hellooo there

Where do I start? Life has changed so much since my time as a blogger on weddingbee as Miss Champagne. I married the man of my dreams, popped out a baby, and pretty much came to terms that my days as a blogger were over based on the amount of free time I had the first few months at home with Luca. But then I started work and while pumping at work realized that I had... wait for it... free time. Once I was done online shopping and catching up on celeb gossip, I figured that I could probably start documenting my life as a new mom (I still love the sound of that).
So there you have it- I'm back, in case you were wondering where I went:) If you don't know me, allow me to introduce myself...

I'm originally from Colorado and came out east for college. My dad always joked that I took a ruler on a map and found the farthest location from home, but in all honesty I missed and still miss the mountains a ton. My sophomore year I met a guy and we did what college kids do- make up, break up, rinse and repeat x3years. We both went on our separate ways after graduation, but there was something about him I just couldn't shake. So when we started talking again, I knew this was it- we were made for each other. Fast forward four years of grad school later, we were living the American dream- married and living at his parents house. They were amazingly supportive and I actually really enjoyed living there but when we started to think about a family of our own, we realized it was time to look for a house.

So we started looking... and looking... and finally found "the one" after over a year of open houses and failed negotiations. That's all the time I've got today- pumping session is over and I've gotta get back to work! I'll talk about the house hunt later. For now, funny old pictures of the mister and I in college.

Halloween- I swear!

visiting naples, fl for spring break. crazy kids.

two words: purple contacts.

so cool

cement walled dorm rooms

And of course a photo of my main squeeze these days, little Luca.

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