Monday, November 18, 2013

Luca 21 months (a bit late)

Dear Luca,

You have changed SO SO much since the last time mama wrote your monthly update. You've joyfully welcomed a sister, and you are possibly the best big brother I could've imagined.

You are SO inquisitive. Every picture, new person, place, or experience is so special to you and I can see you processing all around you. It's really incredible to watch you learn. You're able to comprehend SO much when we interact. One of your favorite things to do is "cheers!". You even notice when there are two of any item and you try to cheers them- tried to cheers two remotes last night, and it was adorable. Your favorite books these days have to do with trucks, trains, and more trucks. 

You are the happiest boy when you're happy, but pretty upset when you're not. I guess this kind of goes with toddler territory. I am loving watching you grow every day, and I adore your little face.

Happy (late) 21 months Luca! edit: I wrote this post a while back and just forgot to publish it! Luca is now almost TWO! I will be updating soon!

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