Monday, November 18, 2013

G 8 months (catch up)

So I know this is a month late, but I wanted to catch up a little on Gianna's growth- she is such a big girl now, and becoming more and more of a blur in front of the camera with her quick movement!

Gianna has gone from a quiet little sweet baby to a bouncing, bubbly little girl! In the past month, she's really sitting up without any assistance and her interest in people and strangers has really perked.

She's eating SO much and really loves broccoli and tomatoes. It makes me remember when Luca would eat anything I put in front of him, and boy do I miss those days!

At 8 months Gianna was taking two pretty good naps, first was about an hour and the second was 2-3 hours. Since then she's started napping a little less and I think it's because she really doesn't want to miss anything!

She's so curious and starting to get into everything- now at 9 months she's almost crawling but I swear she's wanted to crawl for much longer. She started to do the baby push ups and scoot backward at about eight months.

Gianna's relationship with Luca is undoubtably intense. They love each other and giggle with each other, but she's starting to show signs of a little sibling rivalry- if we take away something she is playing with or do not give her a toy that Luca has she will let us know she's upset! It's going to be so much fun watching their relationship grow.

I'll be updating with Gianna's 9 month photos soon, but I just couldn't let her cutie 8 month photos pass me by.

Happy (late) 8 months, Gianna!

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